toddler tricks

DSC_1106Right when I think I’m about to lose it lately, M comes through with one of her standard tricks to make me laugh.

Her go-to move when she knows she’s doing something wrong is to break into song and dance. ***Standing in the bath tub. Dance Dance Sing.

Other times, she just says something that I can’t help but smirk at. ***Wake up from her nap. Me: Hiiiii! Her: Elmo Bath

And, the last trick up her sleeve is just to flat our pretend to be sleeping. ***Me: M, get off that table. Her: Nigh, Nigh Mama. Nigh, Nigh. Puts head on table and closes her eyes. Moves her finger up to her lips. Shhhhhh. Mama.

I have a feeling I’ll be sharing similar stories through her childhood and into tween and teenagerdom. She’s a spunky little thing.

Enjoy! Melissa




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