my mom purse

In My Bag .jpgLike most things since M arrived, she has now hijacked my purse and made it her own. For the first year, I carried a diaper bag full of so many unnecessary baby items. Then, as she got older, and my shoulder started screaming at me every time I slung that huge bag on, I transitioned to carrying her stuff in my purse. Along with my typical wallet, M camera iPhone and crumpled pile of receipts, I’ve accumulated an arsenal of toddler items to make our time outside of the house easier. What do you carry for your kids? I’m so curious!

  1.  Snacks. Always Always filled with small ‘nummies’. The most important item for making it through any shopping trip with my girl.
  2. Honest Diapers.  We’ve used these since she was born and I think I might actually be sad to see these cute patterns go once potty training commences.
  3. Grocery Bag. Environmentally friendly. Do it!
  4. Water. Gotta’ wash those snacks down somehow.
  5. Lip Balm. You would think this is for me. Nope. This is for M to rub not only on her lips but all over her face. She’s minty fresh people.
  6. Hair Ties. Have to tame that mane!  These are the ONLY hair ties that M doesn’t immediately yell ‘ouch ouch’ and rip out.
  7.  Sunglasses. In excess. Apparently, we each need about 3 pairs at all times.
  8. Travel Size Honest Wipes. For months, I carried around the full size bag of wipes only to need a few. This travel size is amazing! 10 wipes is just enough.
  9. Antibacterial Spray. After a few bouts with some unnecessary sicknesses, I’m now that mom with the hand spray.
  10. Travel Bib. Meals on the go are messy. Next to the snack cup, I probably use this the most.
  11. Bright Lipstick. Nope, not for M. This is to trick people into thinking I had time to properly put on makeup today.

Enjoy! Melissa


One thought on “my mom purse

  1. My purse literally looks exactly like that! Just add the damn blanket, the favorite toy of the moment (currently 3 monkeys and Daisy Duck) and goldfish crumbs smashed at the bottom!

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