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After the baby has been bathed, the dishes are done and toys have found their rightful homes in the evenings, Ky and I like to spend a little time relaxing before bed. Sometimes this means an hour of tv. Other times, we sit in the living room with our computers out (don’t judge!) and if the computer is on my lap, I’m generally  poking around my favorite blogs. As I was doing just that tonight, I started thinking what a shame it was some of my friends weren’t enjoying these same posts. So, in the interest of sharing and possibly providing you a little night time reading material, here are a few essays I’ve adored recently.

It’s always nice to hear that you aren’t the only mom who throws on jeans as her standard mom-aform.

This post. Wow! I have the same feelings as Bridgit on this blogging gig pretty much daily.

I wish I could have this perspective on birthdays.

Watching Maggie adjust to life with three children makes me think that she’s some sort of superhero.

These drink tags!

Is it bad I haven’t ever thought to do an Easter basket for Ky?


Enjoy! Melissa


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