first day of spring blues

DSC_0841I had this big plan to sit down today and tell you all about how we are welcoming the first official day of spring with open arms, flowers for our neighbors and hours of outdoor activities. I was going to say how my neighbors smiled so warmly as the sun hit their face and they found little sunflowers on their front porch. And I was so excited to show you M walking through the neighborhood so proud of her little spring delivery to each of them. What a scene that would have been.

But then, none of that actually happened. The truth is it’s raining here (shocker), M has been sick all week and I feel like her little bug has set it’s sites on me. So, instead of spring like flower deliveries, we are going to wait for sunnier days and continue to hunker down for a while, drink hot tea and snuggle under fuzzy blankets.

Today is just not your day spring. Soon. I promise, we’ll welcome you soon.

Enjoy! Melissa

DSC_0851 DSC_0847


7 thoughts on “first day of spring blues

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  1. Ugh! It’s almost even WORSE and MORE depressing to have that weather with all the hype of “first day of spring!!” around.

    soon, soon!

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