a handmade giveaway

DSC_0602You know those things you do instinctively before leaving the house every day? Comb hair, brush teeth, makeup, earrings, etc. You don’t really think much about them. They just happen. For me, the next step is bracelets. I don’t know when it started but I can’t seem to get away with anything under 4 bracelets at a time these days. I am so thrilled that you can win some of my favorite new pieces to join me in my daily stacking habit.

I learned about Wakami on my little trip to Vegas and was so impressed with their vision of socially conscious products that I had to have a few bracelets for myself. I’ve been wearing them every day since and can’t get enough of their beaded handmade goodness.

To enter a  giveaway for two Wakami bracelets visit the their site and comment below letting me know your two favorite pieces of jewelry. Entries must be posted by midnight on March 16th and a winner will be announced on Monday, March 17th.

CONGRATULATIONS Zora! YOU WON! Enjoy your bracelets and thank you to all who entered. Keep an eye out. We’ll have more giveaways coming soon. 

Enjoy! Melissa

*Sorry, limited to US readers only. Please only leave your contact information in the allotted boxes, not in the body of your comment. Winner will be emailed after selection is made. 

DSC_0606 DSC_0612 DSC_0613


33 thoughts on “a handmade giveaway

  1. Thanks for sharing this website! I’m in love with these bracelets.
    My 2 Favorite bracelets : Earth Bracelet 4 Strand Unisex and the Set of Three Bracelets in Gray/Gold color.
    I really love the Planets – Venus, Mercury and Mars, but it’s Out of Stock! But, that would be my first choice!

    I will be buying some for my nieces!

  2. Hey Melissa! I love your blog. I seriously need to meet your lil munchkin soon before she gets too old. I hope you and Kyle are doing well. Miss you guys. Thought I would enter the giveaway for fun :)

    life is what you make of it single beaded bracelet- gold
    Noir-gorgeous wrap bracelet
    PS Kiss Bracelet gold
    noir classy bracelet


    • Leslie! YES! I can’t wait until we get to see you. Until then, I love your pictures on Insta! You look like you have so much fun. Thanks for entering! We’ll do more giveaways soon. Keep checking!

  3. MELISSA! this is so fun. i’ll take one of everything please! hah. my faves are 1. the purple all in one cuff and 2. the woven beaded bracelet in brown and turquoise.

  4. Too many to pic from are you kidding? Love your blog! You are so creative! P.S. Kiss bracelet silver and the good luck bracelet! Great company! Good find! Thanks for introduciting me!

  5. I like the single Turquoise bracelet and the Life is What you Make of It in gold. Thanks for introducing me to these – I really love them.

  6. Such cute stuff! I want it all…. so hard to pick only two! But I think my fave are P.S. Strength Mint and Life is what you make of it Gray. Love your blog! Keep it up Lil!

  7. Very cool company!
    I like the: Noir – Classy Bracelet in gray & Noir – Gorgeous Wrap Bracelet in black (which it out of stock) so my third fav is Set of Three Bracelets in Blue/Gold :)

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