my dear lacie + tissue garland

DSC_0588If you’ve ever read my dear friend Lacie’s blog, Queen Lacie, you know she’s one kick ass writer. She is hilarious and honest and her little Gemma says “lissa, lissa” when she wants my attention and I just about melt. But, you also know that the last thing that Lacie wants to write is a DIY. She crafts away at home but step by step isn’t really her style. Somehow, someway, I begged pleaded and conned her into it.

Feast your eyes on our very first guest post. Thanks L!

DSC_0572 DSC_0553

DSC_0555Tissue Garland

take a piece of tissue paper. fold it in half the hotdog way (or “lengthwise” for those of you who didn’t learn hotdog/hamburger folding in grade school. shame on your teachers for not properly instructing you).
then fold it in half the hamburger way (“widthwise”).
fold it again in half the hamburger way. you will have a little rectangle. and you’ll see that one end is a series of folds. make sure the folds are at the top.
take a pair of scissors and cut 1-inch strips starting from the bottom, stopping about 2 inches from the top. this will be your fringe. don’t worry about being precise, imperfections are hardly noticed in this project, which is why it’s one of my favorites.
open up the first fold and cut that shit down the middle.
unfold and cut down the middle again. you’ll have four sections of what looks like some scrappy ass fringe. but i promise it will become beautiful. trust me.
roll the sections one at a time. the part you left uncut should be in the middle.
gently but tightly twist from the middle outwards until it reaches the fringe part.
fold the tassel in half, and twist to form a little loop.
put a drop of hot glue in the place where the two sides meet.
and voilà! you’re done.


hahahah just kidding. repeat 300 times, or however many tassels you want on your garland. this is the part where i usually start drinking wine and watching the Kardashians.
string your tassels on some twine and you’ve got yourself the perfect party garland!



3 thoughts on “my dear lacie + tissue garland

  1. Making this garland has been on my to do list for every holiday since Halloween. Definitely not happening for St. Patty’s.

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