toddler hair

DSC_0551Lets just take a second to talk about this wild child’s similarly wild hair. Because, I know you’ve been looking at my pictures thinking WTF can’t she do her kids hair what beautifully styled hair that child has.

The truth is, I do try to comb this mane and put it up in pony tails, hair clips, bows etc. You name it, I’ve tried it. They all last for about 20 minutes before M reaches up with her perfectly chubby hand and gives it a good yank until wiry strands are popping out in all directions and she’s successfully reclaimed her shaggy style.

So, inquiring minds need to know: WTF do you do with a toddler’s hair? It’s not long enough for a cut really but it’s also not even so does that warrant a little trim? People of the world who’ve been here before me, it’s time to share your wisdom.

Also, I know. Toddler hair. It’s not that dramatic Melissa. I know.

Enjoy! Melissa


8 thoughts on “toddler hair

  1. Haha, I love the messy do! I am amazed at the mothers who can keep their kiddos hair in piggys, ponies, clips you name it. Mine have never been a fan, lol occasionally I get pigtails in Everlins crazy mess! And Isabelle leaves the house with it done and rarely returns with it how she left…. You figure the secret out you let me know ; ) but personally I love the wild hair it adds character : )

    • Thanks Bridget! I’m having flashbacks to when I was about five with hair down to my butt and screamed every time my parents combed it. Needless to say, I had a rats nest for a hairdo most of the time!

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