barre3 mill creek


Lets get one thing straight here. I am not a gym rat, generally avoid most exercise and make about every excuse in the world to not workout. Now that that’s all clear, lets talk about my love for Barre3, the only exercise I can honestly say I enjoy. My first experience with this sneakily fun workout was about three months after M was born. Like every new mom, I wanted my pre baby body back but the only franchise near me was just far enough from my house that all my usual excuses kept me from going very often.

Cue about two weeks ago and some angels singing and a new location opened about ten minutes from my house. Last week, I went in to give it a try and let me tell you, I’m hooked. Mill Creek’s new Barre3 is beautiful, if you can call a workout facility beautiful. There is a changing room (as opposed to changing in the restroom as I’ve done at other locations), a separated child care area and enough space for everyone to store their goods before heading into the studio where I grabbed my ball, weights and bellied up to the barre.

The owner of this location, Marne, is a former attorney who turned instructor and franchise owner after falling in love with the workout. I had to chuckle when all the women in my class simultaneously groaned every time Marne queued the tiniest of motions that somehow bring the heat. A feeling that seems to be a Barre3 speciality.

The point here is that I can’t wait to go back. Mill Creek is running a few pricing specials and opportunities for new clients so if you’ve never been, now is the time. Plus, I really need some workout buddies to help me get in shape for swimsuit season. Lets do this!

Enjoy! Melissa

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