PicMonkey Collage.pngYou may have noticed a tidbit of rebranding going on around here. A few weeks ago, I had a little pow-wow with one of my favorite graphic artists,Kendra of  Hen & Co, to come up with a new logo for Pretty Wednesday. With the prep for the Etsy shop to open on a more permanent basis underway (yay!!!), it was time to get some cohesive branding in order.

We were inspired by a mix of fonts that PW already had been showcasing as well as some new stuff like the idea of stamp. You’ll be seeing these colors, patterns and of course the logo in full swing here on the blog as well as in our paper materials (thank you’s, shipping packaging, etc) in the Etsy shop. 

Side Note; I’m surprised Hen & Co didn’t fire me during this design process. Not only did I give her a ridiculous timeline but I must have emailed about 1,273 changes to her. After working in the promotional products world for years, I now realize I am totally one of THOSE clients. The ones I hated. Practically had to get a coffee, put your feet up and get comfortable just to make it through their emails. You guys – my emails were numbered, bulleted, probably 6 pages long each and just stupid. Get. It. Together. Melissa. 

Enjoy! Melissa 


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