“M, once a week, every week, in 2014″

Her deep love for books and reading is so natural it amazes me. She’s asked me to read some so many times she can open to a page and recite a few words. It sounds something like, “da beep beep beep ouside.” Translation, “the horn on the bus goes beep beep beep.” You got that right?

Also, if you are just coming in, you can find more information on The 52 Week Project series here. And a few posts you’ve missed here and here.

Enjoy! Melissa




2 thoughts on “8/52

  1. Gorgeous shot, especially in black and white! My seventeen month old loves books too and my three and a half year old sits and reads some books from memory, amazing. Can’t wait to read those classic novels with them when they’re a bit older! Have a great week! :)

    • Thanks Dre! I’m so glad to hear that your three year old still loves books. I’m hoping this is a lasting hobby! Have you seen the BabyLit books? If you love the classics, they are really fun for young children. We love the Romeo & Juliet book around here!

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