mid vegas update

DSC_0299Mid Vegas Update. Now you are thinking it’s like I’m saying ‘mid spring break update’. But, really, we are getting down to business here folks. No shenanigans in these parts.

Here are just a few pictures and a quick quick update (because apparently working then blogging makes you a very snappy blogger) of what we are doing here in Vegas.

My Ties is showing at AccessoriesTheShow and Lindsay (Owner and CEO) and I are working our cute booth like crazy and having a great time. Lets just say that my feet are elevated on two pillows tonight and I saw a man get tackled to the ground and twisted up like a pretzel by a few security guards earlier. Business and Vegas. Funny Pairing!

Also, have I mentioned that I miss my girl? More on her tomorrow but I’m just loving all the pictures I’m getting from my amazing family and Ky who have been watching her. I have awesome people on this team of mine.

Enjoy! Melissa

DSC_0303 DSC_0301 DSC_0294


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