stepping out with myties

mytiescollageI’m frantically pulling together outfits, scrambling to leave a clean house and typing up toddler schedules because next week, for the first time, I’ll be leaving M behind for a few days. I’m heading to good ol’ Las Vegas with MyTies to help at their AccessoriesTheShow booth. That’s right, I’m stepping out into a little bit of working heaven. Vegas, great company and a whole show room full of fashion. I’m equal parts excited and nervous at the same time.


My Ties is an awesome company (that happens to be owned and operated by one of my BFF’s) and I can’t wait to see what their booth has in store for me. As well as showing their no tangle hair ties, they will be debuting some new products that I’m pretty excited to strut around Vegas in. I mean, a gold headband. Yes please!

So, more on this next week when I can update you on all sorts of Vegas revelry and fashion show exhaustion. And please, I will also be whining about missing my girl and my guy. Just fair warning.

Oh’ and if you live in the area, please come see us!


Enjoy! Melissa


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