gifting valentine’s love


I feel like the sweetest day of the year shouldn’t be reserved for fancy dinners and adult fun (although those are good too…wink wink). I’m hoping the day of love is exciting for M as well and that she feels the mushiness that fills the air on Feb 14th every year. Anyway, Ky and I have decided to pass on the Valentine’s gifts this year but we thought that M deserved a few little things to start the day out. Here are a few of the toddler themed things she’ll be receiving.

1. Chalk Marker: Thanks Target dollar bin! M has a small chalkboard she loves to color on but always ends up breaking about 100 pieces of chalk in half instead of writing. Here’s to hoping this solves the problem. More coloring, less mess.

2. Melissa and Doug Make-a-Face Sticker Pad: M is so into pointing out noses, ears, eyes (or more like stabbing you with her little finger in your nose, ears and eyes) these days. I’m hoping this small kit will let her channel that into a learning activity.

3. Felt Heart Stickers: Again, Target dollar bin score! She is obsessing over stickers these days and who could pass these up?

4. Dragons Love Tacos: I keep reading great reviews about this book but what actually drew me to it that I just have to know. Do dragons love tacos?

If you have any other ideas for Valentine’s Day gifting, send your wisdom my way!

Enjoy! Melissa


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