a few friday things


1. Lets not sugar coat it, this week has been the least energetic and down right lazy I’ve had in a while. It might be from my little baby sized cold. (People, I have a small cough and a little scratch in my throat and I’m convinced this is taking me down to the depths of can’t move, can’t clean, can’t do much of anything-dom.) It might be from my spirited child who spends her days acting like I’m giving her Pepsi on an IV drip. Or it might just be laziness. Pure laziness.

2. Several people have asked what my weekend plans are and all I can of is that I have three episodes left of the entire series of West Wing to watch and it MUST get done. Ky and I started watching when there was no new programming in the summer. We decided we needed something we could commit to and West Wing it was. I’m so weirdly attached to these characters and this show. Adults of the early 2000’s, I get it. This was THE BEST and I’m sorry I didn’t watch it when it was on because if it had a fan club or could have had a Facebook group, I certainty would have been president or administrator or whatever. Aaron Sorkin, you are a genius!

3. Those two things just made me seem like a sorry sap who does nothing but watch TV.

4. I keep forgetting to mention that I got a new camera for Christmas and all the feeble photography attempts you’ve been seeing are me trying to work it. The first time I used it, I accidentally took every picture on a setting that captured five images every time I snapped what I thought was one photo. Clearly, I’m still in training.

5. Watching the rest of the US get hit with snow right now is either disheartening or exciting. I can’t decide. Disheartening because it’s so incredibly cold here yet we have no snow. Generally I go with, the cold is worth it if it’s accompanied by some white stuff. But then, I see the winter that just doesn’t seem to be ending for those out east and think that maybe I’ll keep the cold. I mean, this is totally worth spending my time thinking about.

The end. 

Enjoy! Melissa


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