super bowl XLVIII || what we did


We huddled around the tv.

We ate way too many chicken wings, cheese dip and veggies.

We clinked glasses.

We bet on the final score.

We screamed.

We high-fived.

We inhaled good luck skittles.

We jumped up and down.



Go Seahawks! Enjoy! Melissa

DSC_0151 DSC_0163

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3 thoughts on “super bowl XLVIII || what we did

    • I am so glad you all have no clue about how beautiful the Pacific Northwest is and its very decent whether, which neither fries our brains nor freezes our asses off. And, while I know everyone thinks that it rains all the time here, I won’t mention how that is a story we tell other people just so the place won’t get oveapopulrted. I was such a fool to live on the east coast for 24 years. God’s country is us.

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