books + friday randomness


Reading: It’s something I used to love, then college came around and any time spent reading was spent with a text book and I fell out of love or even like with the whole thing. But, lately, I’ve been picking up the (electronic) pages and am learning to appreciate the time to myself.

Books I’ve adored lately:

The Fault In Our Stars


Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald 

Where’d You Go, Bernadette 

This month, my book club decided to read something a little more romantic (and also in theaters) in honor of Valentine’s Day. In case you have any interest in joining in, we are reading Labor Day . My thoughts so far are that it’s not a stunning classic by any means but I see how it was chosen for big time romantic movie stardom. Hunky fugitive, lonely (and slightly weird) mom. But, there is a little boy involved here people and I’m just not sure where the whole thing is going with him. And randomly, I can’t help but hear that ever so catchy Reading Rainbow song play through my head right now after all this book talk. Great show. Great song.

That’s it! Happy Weekend (and happy SUPER BOWL)!

Enjoy! Melissa


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