a birthday & a break

Suncadia 1

20 months ago we were blessed with the arrival our little girl. It was stunning and beautifully fulfilling all at the same time. It was also the last time that Ky and I have spent a night alone. We’ve gone to dinner, movies and have had our (small) share of date nights but until now we (read: ME) hadn’t felt comfortable leaving M for the entire night. It was time. So, in celebration of Ky’s big 3-0, we scheduled a mountain getaway and left M for a play-dough playing, banana bread eating good time at her grandparents. Turns out, it’s shockingly quiet and relaxing without a toddler to play with all evening. We went to the spa, ate dinner out and drank wine like we owned the place. We also talked about M all night and made a few phone calls to tell her we missed her. It was hard and it was fun and it was fantastic all balled up into one tiny trip.

Side note to this; Isn’t it so wonderful to have a spouse? It’s like you gain a birthday. ‘Oh, you want to dinner for your birthday? Darn, I guess I’ll come too’ ‘Wait, you want a massage? Sign me up as well’ I’m such a good wife.

Enjoy! Melissa


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