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Sometimes, many times, I wonder WTF am I doing with a blog?!?! PW doesn’t fit into one real category. I’m not enough of DIYer for a whole session of that. I cook sometimes, not always. Like most, I get dressed but it’s not always pretty. Etc, Etc. So, then I get frustrated and hop on the computer to finally, once and for all, push that ‘delete my internet footprint’ button and low and behold, EVERY time I end up writing a new post instead.

Something about it just draws me in. To be honest, I would prefer if every single person to lay eyes on here was a stranger to me. It would be so much easier to express honest feelings if I didn’t have to face them again later. Because, lets be really clear, almost everyone who currently lays eyes on here IS someone I know.

I’m just one of those people. Sit down and chat with me for a bit and I’ll bet you’ll be a little worried about how ‘open book’ my conversation style is. I just say it like it is and have a hard time beating around the bush. Point is, I guess that’s why the delete button evades me. This is another part of my book. Another place to lay my words out and hope someone connects with what put down.

Anyway, I guess that what I’m trying to say is that when I read posts like this or this, I realize that this is not a silly place to create something, to lay it on the line, to think while my fingers type. It’s important for me to use that space that I once I put into creating a career and earning a degree. So here it is, a space that’s probably here to stay with maybe a bit of a mixed message but it’s my message and my book and I think I’ll keep it for awhile. Maybe.

Enjoy! Melissa

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7 thoughts on “blogging thoughts

  1. I have the same internal battle. I’ve been neglecting my blog space becasue I a) don’t know if anyone but my mom reads it b) feel as though I have nothing of substance to write about and c) can think of 1,000 other things I could/should be doing. Alas, I just can’t delete it. So silly, but I feel ya, mama.
    And for the record, your open book, tell it like it is-ness, is something I’ve always loved about you! xoxo

    • Lou! You are so sweet! And I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one wondering WTF am I doing?!? But really, I think it’s important we get to use our brains to think and write creativity. Keep at it. I love reading about your little Hammy!

  2. I like reading your blog…makes me feel like I’m not missing out on much with you and your adorable little family…miss you Mo:) xo

    • Thanks so much Nic! I’m glad that we can connect a little through this. Now…you just let me know next time you are on the east side and we absolutely need to catch up!

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