Hawks 2 Hawks

“A photo of M, once a week, every week in 2014”

Poorly lit or not (long story, don’t ask), these photos sum up our week pretty darn well. As Seattlites for most of our childhood and all of our adult lives, we have been united with the rest of our city this week in anxiously waiting for our Seahawks to play on Sunday. They did, we won (eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!) and now we sit in wait again for the Super Bowl when we’ll wear these same outfits, cheer from our friends couch and inhale way too many hint of lime chips.

The last time the Seahawks made a trip to the Super Bowl, I was in college. Lets just say that was an entirely different experience then this go around for me. Seven years later, I am a mom which means less beer and more yelling fake expletives (shoot, daaaaaannng it, etc) at the TV. The point here is, no matter who you are or where in the city you hale from this place has come ALIVE as we’ve followed our team to glory.  It’s been a bonding season for my city and I absolutely love watching the nation get to see the best of the Northwest. Plus, it gives me an excuse to not wash my hair and wear a Seahawks hat for the next two weeks!

Enjoy! Melissa


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