indoor months

Art Day 6

I have so many goals for the year but near the top of the list is for M and I to successfully spend more days at home without wanting both cry in a corner by the end of it. Winter was so nostalgic when it started. A little cloud cover, a little snow and some rain but now is the time when we start to itch for the easy outdoor activities that we won’t be able to do for a few more months. I’s just plain hard (I mean hard) to continue to come up with ways to entertain ourselves for entire days that don’t include hours of Sesame Street or running off to a play space.

I’m trying to combat those bored to death, want to scream days with new indoor activities. I searched Pinterest and came up with only a few ideas so far. We started this week with an art kit. I filled it with finger paint, stickers, a coloring book and markers. We pulled out the paint first and even though it was beyond messy, it occupied almost an hour of our day between setup, play and clean up and M was pretty proud when she discovered she could coat her hand in paint and make a little handprint.

If you have any ideas for indoor activities, send them my way. Otherwise, cross your fingers we make it to May (ahem July, thanks Seattle) in one piece.

Enjoy! Melissa

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