“M, once a week, every week, in 2014”

I always enjoy when I open some of my favorite blogs and they are posting to the 52 week project . They usually write something short, sweet and share an image that puts my photography skills to shame. None the less, I decided I wanted in this year. So, a week late, I am jumping on board in hopes to be able to look back and watch my M grow up in front of our eyes at the end of the year.

She’s starting the year off on the same fast track she spends most of her days on. Even almost three weeks of various illnesses haven’t slowed her down much and her newest obsession is this doll, aptly named ‘baby’. She asks for baby several times a day and has a little fixation with her shoes coming off. Then, as she usually does, she tempts fate and tries to hold the dogs paw while she shoves “babies” shoe on her foot.  {And I run around like a clucking chicken screaming “we don’t hold the dogs leg up in the air. her leg doesn’t bend that way. she doesn’t like that.”}

I’m so happy to welcome 2014 and all it’s craziness. I feel like time just keeps a tickin’ and we just move with the flow. Nothing wrong with that!

Enjoy! Melissa


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