Morning Mocha



I spent most of high school and breaks from college working at cute little cafe´in our local mall. We served sandwiches,  pastries (hello amazing warm chocolate chip cookies), soup and a beautiful selection of espresso drinks. Not to say I blame you Fraiche´Cup (OK I blame you) for my every day morning mocha but mostly, I thank you for the delicious treat I brew up to start my day.

I used to have a more traditional espresso machine but a few years ago I moved to my Nespresso which I love dearly and it makes my morning mocha routine so easy.

What You Need || Milk (I use Organic Non-Fat), Chocolate Syrup (any store brand will do), HiLine Espresso Pods and a Nespresso Machine

What You Do ||

Pour chocolate into your cup as you count to 5

Start milk in steamer before running espresso shots

Run two shots into cup right before milk is done


Add milk and stir again (I like to top mine with a little extra frothed milk using the whisk feature)


Enjoy! Melissa

HiLine4 HiLine2 HiLine3 DSC_0782

This post was sponsored by HiLine Coffee Company.



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