Stuffy Nose Kit

Sick Kit

This morning M woke up with the signs that she has caught the cold I’ve been carrying around. No fever, nothing that seems too critical but a definite stuffy nose {or I guess you could say nasal congestion if you’re a real snob about it}. No biggie when you are an adult, pretty sad when you are too young to understand the nose blowing concept. So, I immediately ran for my go-to stuffy nose items. These bad boys have gotten us through a few colds with some great success.

Nosefrida || The most disgusting sounding product in the world.  Who would have ever thought I would be willing to suck the snot out of another being? But, once your own child is in any sort of pain, you would do much more for them. Plus, I have never encountered said snot. The filter at the top has done it’s job diligently and this bad boy works so much better then the bulb I had been trying to use. This is my can’t-live-without stuffy nose kit item.

Boogie Wipes || I have started using these on myself I like them so much! I dread wiping M’s face as she seems to think the world is coming to an end when you do so. So, a cold was a real problem. But she doesn’t seem to mind these wipes.

Maty’s All Natural Chest Rub || I picked this up in a moment of desperation during a vacation that M got sick on. I was standing in the pharmacy at 6 am in the middle of winter just hoping something would jump out at me. I took this home and the smell seems to really soothe M. We’ve used it with every cold since.

Little Noses Saline Spray || At the suggestion of our pediatrician, I picked up saline spray the first time M ever had a cold. This combined with the Nosefrida is pretty much the Batman and Robin of stuffy nose fighting if you ask me.

Vicks Advanced Soothing Vapors  || I have never been much of a humidifier person. I tried to use one during M’s first cold and found the water changing, etc to be such a huge pain but did like the effects. So, when I found this, I was thrilled. I have used it during every cold we have battled with great success. It’s now a staple in the kit.

I hope you never need any of these items because, lets be honest, it’s not my favorite day when I have to pull them out. But, they have brought a little sanity to otherwise un-sane days. Hoping they do the same for you!

Enjoy! Melissa


4 thoughts on “Stuffy Nose Kit

  1. I bought a nose frida when B was little too but it literally makes me gag. It works so well but I have to have the hubs do it. He laughs at me if u do it and gag lol. Thankfully we got a really great nose sucker from the hospital when Brighton was in the NICU. It works great and soo much better than the ones you can buy at the store. These are all staple items in our household too. Sure hope you both get over this cold ASAP!!

  2. this looks EXACTLY like our cold-combating-kit. probably because you recommended the nosefrida to me :)) the saline and the snot sucker truly are the dynamic duo. hope miss M feels better soon!! xoxo

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