The Good People


Well, I told you I had stories to tell from over the weekend and the debbie-downer {turned uplifter} of them all is a tale of a few smashed windows and missing makeup.

After what was a perfect rehearsal day for my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding, we walked from dinner to find that two of the cars in our party had been broken into. These cars happened to contain all of the bridal party goods, wedding decorations, THE dress, THE rings, laptops, etc etc.  Lets just say a bit of panic ensued while the bride and her party searched through their goods making sure nothing necessary for the next day was missing.  And, although the thieves had somehow left THE dress and rings in tact it was still so hard to adjust from sentimental speeches and outpourings of love to inventorying the loss and cleaning broken glass off the streets.

One of the suitcases they had grabbed belonged to the mother-of-the bride and contained her shoes for the wedding as well as all the new makeup she had purchased for the event. And I know {I KNOW} the men standing around didn’t quite understand the impact her missing makeup was having. So, in order to explain to them, we started inventorying the cost of all she had purchased a few days before at Nordstrom. MAC, Bobbie Brown, etc. She had collected makeup from many different counters and it added up to quite a loss.

Early on wedding morning, I called Nordstrom with what I thought was a shot in the dark. I was coming in to collect new makeup for her but didn’t have time to run between all those counters. When I spoke to Cindy at La Mer, she assured me she would collect it all and even offered to bring it to my car so I didn’t have to come in the store. Already feeling like I was asking a lot and that they were going way above the normal standard for customer service, I told her I would be happy to come in the store later that morning. Between her and Sarah at the Bobby Brown counter, they collected everything and called to let me know it was ready.

When I ran in the store I think I looked frazzled. I hadn’t slept well, it was wedding day, my 15 month old was hungry tired and expected to do her flower girl duties in a few hours. Sarah took one look at me said, “so heres what we can do, we can help you with this makeup or you can pick another gift for your mother-in-law for free. we are SO SORRY that this happened to you.” I wasn’t sure I was hearing correctly so I just handed her my Nordstrom card, thanked her for her help and asked her to help pick a lipstick for myself.

She handed me back my card and assured me that the entire bag of makeup had been taken care of. I think I was in shock and the words weren’t coming to me to thank her properly at the time. But, this is to say that their one gesture really shaped our day. My mother-in-law cried when I was able to tell her the story of how Cindy and Sarah were among the great people out there.

It had been just makeup a few days ago but on this day it was so much more.

So, to the people of Bellevue Nordstrom, THANK YOU! Your gesture and out of this world service were not unnoticed and will be remembered for years to come.

Enjoy! Melissa

Also, I know these pics have nothing to do with this story but who wants to look at pictures of smashed out windows? Plus, this cute as heck dress M is wearing is from Nordstrom. So there ya’ go.

DSC_0515 DSC_0520 DSC_0512 DSC_0510


12 thoughts on “The Good People

  1. Wait a minute. This actually just made me cry. How sweet of them! That’s incredibly generous and so lovely of them to help you out like that. From not only gifting the makeup (it isn’t cheap!), to offering to bring it out to your car for you… awesome. I love Nordstrom!!

  2. hey mel! i LOVE the happy ending to this story. i’m so glad everything turned out okay…so funny, I actually know Cindy Johnson at La Mer really well…she was actually the one to hire me on at Nordstrom back in the day! She’s the best! Think I might share this blog post with her if that’s okay :)

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