Labor Day || Forever Love

Rehersal1 Rehersal2 Jenna

You know those couples that you just look at and think, ‘this is the forever kind’? The forever kind of love. They look at each other and it just oozes from their bodies. That’s my sister-in-law and her now husband. Love just seeps from their souls and finds each other somehow. And if you think I am being dramatic, you just scan the faces of those who have the pleasure to be around these two. Everyone sees it. Everyone catches the infectious joy. And it leaves everyone in awe.

And this weekend, we had the honor of witnessing their wedding. Their forever moment that finally came true with nothing but perfection. The top photos were taken on our way out the door for their rehearsal. Ms M was the flower girl {a job of which she fulfilled so much better then I could have ever hoped for} and she dressed in the same outfit her aunt wore for her {again, love oozing, ridiculously amazing} engagement photos {lower photo}.

I will share more about their wedding soon {there are stories to tell and perfection to be sought after here folks} but for now, I leave you with these images of what was a joyous weekend for our family. We skipped naps, stayed up late, danced a night away together and witnessed a fairy tale.

Enjoy! Melissa


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