Paper Perfect

Birthday Invites

We have had so much watching all of our little friends turn one this year. But prior to the cake and festivities, it’s so funny to watch all the moms get into a frenzy about decorating, crafting, invites, smash cakes etc. Thanks Pinterest for feeding these wild ideas!

And honestly, I was no exception. I browsed Pinterest for ideas, executed crafts for weeks and ran my husband in circles trying to clean and manicure the house. But for some reason, I have a real thing for stationary. I think most people like to look at a good invite but they take a glance and trash away. I’m hoping this isn’t always the case as I usually spend hours milling over invites and stuffing envelopes before our events. Plus, I love to receive and display invitations to upcoming events with a pretty piece of washi tape on the side of the refrigerator.  Please tell me I’m not the only crazy one who loves this stuff?!?!

Anywho, the invites that Hen & Co did for M’s birthday were possibly my favorite yet. Sorry I had to blur out most of the wording {I love ya’ internet but don’t need you putting my address out there for all to enjoy}, but you get the idea. They were fun and simple and set the tone for our colorful vintage party.

Enjoy! Melissa


One thought on “Paper Perfect

  1. love those invites!! i’m in denial about starting to plan for camden’s party. i think the denial is inhibiting my creativity in thinking of a theme.

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