On The Great Wheel


My parents are officially packing it up and moving across the Pacific to Hawaii. Right now, my stepmom has already made the trek but my dad is here waiting for their house to close before he is gonzo. So, we are taking advantage of him being in the Northwest with little to no furniture in his house and a bit of time on his hands. Because really, we will miss them! Even though I don’t see my parents too often, there is something to be said about knowing they are able to drive on over any time I need them. Now, we will be an ocean and a plane ride apart. But that ok, right, because I’m sure they are planning to fly me to Hawaii ALL THE TIME (hint, hint parents).

Anywho, we drug my dad into downtown over the weekend to send him off from Seattle with a few memories. None of us had been on the Great Wheel yet so we ponied up for our three spins around to check out the awesome views. And let me tell you, these may look like this gentle giant of a ferris wheel was a happy smiley time but I was so terrified. I even sat in the middle of our car for part of the ride while M ran around like a crazy person attempting to scare the crap out of me at any chance she got. Just look at her plotting her next move in the photo above.

Anyway, I totally recommend it if you are looking for a view of Seattle. Just don’t panic like me and look down for 99.9% of the time while yelling at anyone who came within a foot of the glass doors.

Enjoy! Melissa


GreatWheel1 GreatWheel3 GreatWheel2 GreatWheel4 GreatWheel8 GreatWheel7 GreatWheel9 GreatWheel6 GreatWheel5


6 thoughts on “On The Great Wheel

    • Thanks Lou! Seriously, I am such a baby. How can she go running around while I huddle in the corner? Then when it was over I thought, ‘well that wasn’t so bad.’ Stupid!

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