Tot Concert

Casper Concert1

Remember the band, ‘The Presidents of the United States of America’? They sang, ‘Lump‘ and ‘Peaches‘ {good luck getting ‘moving to the country, gonna’ eat a lot of peaches’ out of your head now.}. Well, anyway, they were from Seattle and their lead singer is now Casper Babypants. And, I don’t know if it’s just around here, but he has a pretty crazy toddler filled following.

We went to one of his concerts last week and you would have been shocked to see hundreds of moms singing, ‘my flea has dogs’ like it was a number one smash hit. They knew every word I tell you. EVERY word.

But, besides the maybe a little crazy mom action, it was incredibly cute to see new dancers bop up and down to the music. Apparently there is something to this child’s music thing. And, I couldn’t get myself to purchase a CD {really, do I WANT to know all the words ‘cricket the king’ by heart?} but I think I’m coming around now. Guess we are at the age where I submit to cartoons instead of the tragic news in the morning and Cricket the King instead of the occasional rap session in the car.

So, bring it on Casper. I can hurt and eardrum or two with the best of em’.

Enjoy! Melissa

CasperConcert4 CasperConcert3 Casper Concert2



5 thoughts on “Tot Concert

  1. Oh man…that sounds wonderful:) Look for Rockabye Baby cd’s I’ve gotten a few for my SIL’s and they are seriously amazing…they have Jay-Z, No Doubt, U2, etc…all sorts of our music set to lullabyes…so much better sounding than a song about fleas…maybe? I’ve never heard this fellow:)

  2. Hahah that cracks me up that that fool we used to watch on MTV back in the day is the lead singer of a kid band!

    Also – M’s pigtails are so cute!

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