Date Day


Just a note to self; selfies do not work with a large lens on your camera. But solid try on our parts! Instead of our usual late evening/ dinner date, we took off for the afternoon this past weekend. Maybe my new favorite date time. I know it’s not a romantic, candle burning night time setting but we got to enjoy the day together and still had some QT with M at dinner and before bed. Best of both worlds really! Is this what having a nanny would be like? Where do I find one of those. Joking. Kinda’.

DateDay1 DateDay8 DateDay2

|| I mean really guys. That picture is from a major freeway. Ky was driving and I snapped a few shots out the window. I couldn’t help but think that we are lucky to have these views. Some people would drive hundreds of miles or hike up mountains to see the things I can see from my freeway. Plus, just look at that stadium. The game could have brought you to tears it was so boring but the people watching was top notch. You probably don’t care but I’m going to tell you about the ‘young lady’ sitting one row in front of us. Not only did we comment on the way she draped her legs over the seat in front of her while wearing a dress and removing her shoes {keep in mind, this is a baseball game, not a Vegas pool} but she proceeded to ‘hint’ at the gentlemen who were a good 30 years her senior in the seats next to her to buy her a beer. Such subtly in her hinting too. ‘Hey, I’m going to get a beer. Want one?’ ‘No Thanks’ Girl doesn’t move as her hint was clearly not caught. Try again. ‘What kind of beer is that you are drinking? Looks good.’ This time, caught, hook line and sinker. Said gentleman buys her a beer and not five minuets later off she went to never return to that seat. But, like I said, the people watching was awesome.

DateDay4 DateDay5 DateDay7

|| Again, selfies do not work. But, whatever, I was in date day goofy blissdom.

Enjoy! Melissa


3 thoughts on “Date Day

  1. We love Caspar Babypants! Check out the pandora station – it’s free and full of fun songs from some really cool bands! :)

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