What’s On M’s Plate || Breakfast Sandwich


Yea. Haven’t seen this in a while have ya’? Well, it’s because I sometimes feel so unqualified to show or tell you about things that come out of my kitchen. I am no master chef. In fact, before M came around, I was more of a ‘whatever comes out of box’ {and I might even burn that} type of cook. But, for her, I try to maintain a well balanced diet and even put the pots and pans to use on a daily basis now. So, whatever, I’m going to show you what this girl munches on because I spend a ton of time making it and damn it, I tried!

|| Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich||

Half a Wheat Sandwich Thin

One Egg

One Slice of Cheese

One Slice of Tomato {hiding under the egg}

A few Avocado Slices {again, under the egg}

One Vegetarian Morning Star Sausage

*Served cut into small pieces with a small dish of blueberries on the side.

Enjoy! Melissa

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