We’ve Gotta’ Eat

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4Anyone who has experienced dinner out with a toddler knows it’s a total commitment. You either have to be REALLY against heating up your oven of a house even further by turning on the stove {as is my case} or really want to torture yourself. Just look at this girl at dinner!

I used to be so judgmental of parents in restaurants who’s children had their face pushed up against their iPhone playing games. Now I know better. These parents are just trying to survive, make it through the entire dinner without going for a million ‘walks’ around the restaurant or have their child demand food by ever so politely banging on the table {what us? yup. it’s us who’s kid bangs on the table to insist on more pizza. nothing but the best manners over here!}

Anywho, turns out that M is a real handful at dinner but it doesn’t matter because they serve wine at most restaurants and boom, just like that I’m totally into restaurant walks and licking your bowl clean. {j/k…well, kinda’}

Enjoy! Melissa


6 thoughts on “We’ve Gotta’ Eat

  1. Or just dine at the fine establishment known as Red Robin where your child is in good company of banging on the table, leaving a 2’x2′ patch of floor with food strewn about, and generally running amok ;)

  2. Oh I know this all to well x3 ahhh good times : ) at least it makes the wine go down that much faster so you must have another glass or 3 ; ) Your lil one sure makes it look cute tho!

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