Camera Happenin’


So, I have this awesome DSLR camera that I capture all all the photos for this here blog with. I love it, it takes awesome photos and I know I’m only using it for about a third of what it can actually do. My method is set to auto and go. Not the most technical, I know!

Only problem is that it’s a way too big to tote around with me. I try to shove it into my purse before I take off from the house but, well, my shoulder is starting to hurt. Too Heavy! So, I’m looking into a smaller yet still effective camera. Any suggestions?

I’m thinking of this one. But, I just can’t make up my mind.

Oh’ and if your wondering why I’m blabbing about this it’s because; I really want suggestions but also because I have so many stories from last week and over the weekend that I don’t have any photos to pair with. We have been wine tasting, swim happy and play date happenin’ all over the place but my poor shoulder screamed, ‘no, don’t do it!’ when I tried to pack my camera. So, no photos. Help!

Oh’ but I did bust out the good ol’ huge cam in the lawn yesterday. Check this girl out!

Enjoy! Melissa

DSC_0501 DSC_0500 DSC_0499


4 thoughts on “Camera Happenin’

  1. hahahahahahaa! i love her. and YES! get that camera! my sister is obsessed with hers and it takes AMAZING photos. it really does.

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