Working On It

arboretum mini sessions-108

I’ve been a total slacker at posting all the projects I’ve been working on lately. Sorry ’bout that! But, I have a good excuse. {I think} The projects are coming S.L.O.W.L.Y! With all this sunshine and summer play, I’ve been making snail like progress on anything that involves being inside the house. I can’t be the only one who has done this can I?

I was all gung ho on replacing some old lady painting I had hanging in my living room with a collage wall. Lets just talk about how this is going. I made about 100 trips to Hobby Lobby picking out frames, tried to arrange them on the wall myself then had to consult my aunt who took one look and told me to rearrange {smart lady!}, had my hubby hang them, drug my family out for some professional pictures {more on this later} and well…..the frames are still on the wall,hanging empty. Sad and filled with stock pictures of some other ‘families’. I like to tell all my house guests that the pictures are my cousins.

Anyway, I am really not hoping in any way that the sunshine makes a disappearance so the collage as well as the rest of my partial accomplishments will have to wait for a little while. Oh Well! For now, feast your eyes out on one the pictures from our shoot. Great right? Wish someone would get these things in a frame!

Enjoy! Melissa


6 thoughts on “Working On It

    • Agreed Nic! That wall is really just going to have to wait I think. I just HATE being inside during these nice moths. BUT then when I’m trapped inside in winter, I get an itch to make sure everything is properly decorated! Hope you are well!!!

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