Ahoy Matey


Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone how beautiful the PNW is in the summer. Really people, these are the months we live for around here. In February, I dream of these sun soaked days and remind myself that when they show up and I’ll never want leave. So, shhhh….let everyone else think that it ‘rains all the time’ here and keep the PNW the little secret that it is. And little will everyone know that it does get warm here and when it does, you get to do shockingly beautiful activities to beat it.

Our friends Bryan and Natalie  invited us out for M’s first time on the water. And, I was so excited because if her parents won the lotto, we would choose always to live on the water and would dine on cheese and crackers on our boat every evening. {A girls gotta’ dream right?} I’m thinking M must have the same dream because she was totally comfortable on the water from the moment she stepped onto the boat. She didn’t fuss when the ‘seas’ got rough, didn’t even mind her bulky life jacket and throughly enjoyed the cheese and crackers part {lets just say she is of the double dipper sorts}.

Enjoy! Melissa

Boating7 Boating9 Boating3 Boating5 Boating6 Boating4


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