Behind The Scenes || The Bus


M is in a phase where constant energy, attention and play is required. So, she finds it really frustrating when I try to cook a meal. Why can’t she be held right next to the hot stove? Silly mom, right? And last night, when Ky could see that his dinner was in danger due to our ‘pick up the tot, cook as quickly as possible’ dance, his imagination kicked in and she got a full dose of daddy attention. They rode this ‘bus’ through our small kitchen and living room while they both laughed and provided me with not only my hands to cook but also a fun soundtrack of playfulness to listen to. M hopped on at the ‘bus stop’ in the kitchen and ended at the well known station, ‘front door’.

Then, when she went to bed, we melted into the sofa and watched a movie together. Because, who needs to go to the gym when you drive the Tot Bus?

Enjoy! Melissa

Bus1 Bus7 Bus6 Bus4 Bus2 Bus5 Bus8

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