Note To Self


I sat down with the intentions of writing about how every day with a little is not all perfect play dates, smiling, rainbows and sunshiny  times. Sometimes, it’s a lot {a lot} of crying, playing guess what could possibly be upsetting, food throwing and frustration. Then I started browsing one of my favorite blogs and Natalie shared about miscarrying several times over the last few years and I felt instantly sad for her and upset over the fact that maybe I took the few good moments today for granted and focused on the more confused times.

So just a reminder to myself….

Today I got an awesome under the blankie, Sesame Street watching snuggle with M. It lasted for five whole minutes and was just what my heart needed.

For the first time in weeks we had a great time at our Gymboree class together. Long story but our teacher left the company and had been replaced with someone who I’m sure was at one point involved in some sketchy or at the least very unappealing activity and used a high pitch funny voice and wore shorts that were so long she continued to step on them {by definition I think they had moved on to becoming pants}. And I digress, but today we had a new more motivated teacher and  I could see M loving every second of the singing, foam shape playing hour.

Oh’ and M learned to go down the slide at the park all by her big girl self. She laughed and laughed as she pushed off the platform and ran to her daddy to take her up to the top again after making it to the bottom.

Any who, reminder to myself that some days are hard and not perfect and really trying but in-between those times are some heart warming, Instagram worthy moments that are not to be casually breezed by.

Enjoy! Melissa


8 thoughts on “Note To Self

  1. I love this. You’re exactly right. Sometimes I find myself getting too caught up in the mess (that is my house, or my spit-up-heavy hair, or my unwashed face, or my crying baby… I could go on) that I’ll occasionally miss out on some of our best moments. Which makes the mess totally worthwhile. Reminders like this are what keep me going!! Love your little m, M!

    • Courtney! Someone who doesn’t have children yet asked me the other day, “So do you just completely forget the bad stuff after she does something cute?” And I had to think about it a little but the answer is YES!!! Or you just couldn’t go on a mama! The good moments are just SO good! Please let me know if little Jack has plans to visit Washington. I would love to meet him. He is beyond adorable!!

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