Traditional 4th


We went traditional on this 4th of July. Parade, BBQ and family. I haven’t been to a parade in years and the antics did not disappoint. We watched about 500 kids participate in the kids parade where they all decorated their little modes of transportation and waved at their admirers, a pirate cannon bearing ship on wheals, a tiny tiny horse pulling a lady and some other strange but fun participants. And, can I just add, many regular old trucks with people waving from the cab like I should be clapping and overjoyed to see them. Maybe we should raise the entry fee on these things huh?

4th2 4th4 4th3 4th5

|| You just can’t go wrong with these priceless gems of Americana. Where else can you see such craziness going down the road and everyone cheering for them? Plus, M was in a dazed state of shock almost the whole time. It was like she was confused as to what was going on. Me too M, me too!


|| And then just look at us with our kiddos. There are about 50 of this same picture and somehow this was the best. Look how patriotic my friends are with their cute outfits and shoes. Then there is me. Jeans, a T and well an old ratty hat. Pat on the back to me for really dressing up for the holiday. Gosh!

|| Oh and don’t let me forget to tell you about how this is the year I’m officially declaring myself an old lady. I caught myself saying things like, “when are these hooligans going to stop with the fireworks” “these fireworks are so dangerous. I can’t sleep” “how many fireworks could all these people have possibly purchased ” “it should stop soon right?”. Just so old. Don’t get me wrong. I love this holiday more then any other and love a good organized fireworks show as much as the next. However, the people in my hood seemed to have wanted to put on a show of their own last night. It was loud, somewhat pretty to watch, and boomed into the wee hours of the morning. Ugh and it made my dog shake and poop all over the house but not to worry, M fared better. She snoozed away through the booming. Yay for parade and bbq tiredness!

So back to real life we go. Happy Friday!

Enjoy! Melissa


2 thoughts on “Traditional 4th

  1. Such a fun day! We BBQ’d too and at night we could see some distant hints of fireworks flashes through the trees from our backyard deck – so apparently we have a peekaboo water view (no we don’t)!

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