Stars and Stripes


Happy 4th! Today we are off to celebrate the independence of this great country we live in with a good old fashioned parade, bbq, friends, sunshine and fireworks. It’s my favorite holiday for no reason in particular except probably that I love the pride that oozes out of everyone on the 4th and that it’s the only day where you can eat unreasonable amounts of bbq without being judged.

Oh’ and did I mention I’m a good wife and after years of asking, I allowed my husband to purchase and hang this giant ass flag off the front of our house. And, did you know there are a whole host of rules on how to display the flag? We tried to follow them so as to have our piece of Americana’ displayed properly. She flys to the left of the door and will never {ever} be displayed in a storm so as not to damage her. I have to admit though that it is fun to see her waving off the front of the house when I pull into the neighborhood. What good patriots we are!

So cheers to the home of the free and land of the brave!

Enjoy! Melissa


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