Garage Sale1

Wow oh Wow! Welcome to July! Summer is officially blasting down on the good ol’ Northwest {Not Kim and Kayne’s kid…the lush green area of the US that I call home}!  And here’s the thing. I wait and wait for summer and sun to finally arrive all year. I tell myself that these three {maybe four} months are the reason why we all fight through the rest of the year around here. That if all year was this beautiful, everyone would move here and the little secret that this place can be great would be ruined. Then, BAM it arrives, and I am not so gently reminded that NOBODY has air conditioning.

We all told ourselves that that expense wasn’t worth it for the small amount of time we would actually use it for the year.  Not true. And blah, blah we all got cheap. Next house, AC will be installed. That’s right, we are going to pony up. So I’m just telling you and writing it down so I can’t go back. So that I remember that my house was a cool 80 plus all weekend. And that I don’t forget that the only AC unit we have now lives in M’s room. So, she’s cool. I’m not.

And honestly, it’s a bit warm but for some reason I  just love it. It’s my favorite time of year. I’m such a fan of the heat, sun and sweaty greatness. Amazing things happen when the sun calls everyone outside. On Saturday, my neighborhood had a multi-family garage sale. We thought, eh’ we’ll throw some stuff out and see how it goes. Little did I know that garage sale folk are relentless. They will talk you down from three dollars to two, they will beat down your door an hour before the sale starts and they will circle the block after the sale ends to take the perfectly good, working BBQ you had listed for 10 dollars for free.

It was amazing to watch the people in my ‘hood browse by each others garages and introduce ourselves to people we have lived next to for three years and never officially met. We bonded over the heat, our yards in much need of water and our suburban lives. I’m not doing a good job of describing just how cool it was to finally bond with these people and then to take a walk late last night and be able to wave and have a quick chat with my fellow heat wave garage sale survivors. Amazing that it just took throwing our crap out on our lawns to bring us together.

Enjoy! Melissa

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2 thoughts on “Reconnecting

    • You need a portable AC Kelsey! We have one from Costco and it’s a life saver. Just cool enough to make the house feel like an escape from the heat!

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