Behind The Scenes || Burbank


Just to prove to you that I wasn’t on this vacation alone, here are a few more shots from our trip. {Then I promise not to bombard you with sunny Cali any more} As Ky was working away at his brothers house while we played for most of the weekend, we only spent a few hours a day with him. But, for the first time in history, I was kind of glad when our hotel room wasn’t ready when arrived. It gave us a couple of hours with nothing but time to burn together and we made the best of it.

First things first, we set the map to In-n-Out Burger. But, once we pulled into the parking lot I realized it was only 11 AM. Lets be serious, an inappropriate time for fast food burgers. So after much debate in the parking lot about how disgusting we were willing to be, we decided that we appreciate slightly less greasy food before noon and passed. Big Mistake! Huge! We never ended up back at In-n-Out and I may have a shed a tear or two as our flight back to Seattle took off and I realized this. Noooooooo!

However, we were able to make a few other unhealthy food choices together as well as check out some Universal City Walk tourist goodness for effect over the next few days.

Done and Done! We are home now where it’s slightly less sunny {but promises to be starting next week} and have recovered from our weekend at fat camp {or the opposite of fat camp where I eat everything fatty}.

Enjoy! Melissa





6 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes || Burbank

  1. Wait… In n Out opens at 10am!! What’s wrong with going at 11am?! You don’t want to know how many times I’ve eaten there since I got pregnant, and most times it was before noon.

    • Ha! Pregnancy is always an excuse. You can get away with anything right now. I recommend ice cream for breakfast, in-n-out for lunch and some clucks and fries for dinner. Nobody would even bat an eye as long as you throw in a pickle or two along the way!

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