Window Shopping || The Grove


After months of seeing all the LA’ers I follow on Instagram shopping at The Grove and watching Mario film there on Extra, it was on my list of ‘must go’ places for our short trip to LA over the weekend. On Sunday, I forced both my sister-in-laws to wake up early after a night out, made them hang on for dear life as I drove in my Seattle style around the city and trotted us around one of the most unique shopping centers I have ever been to. {Don’t you wish you were related to me? So many rude perks!}

Unfortunately, M wasn’t as impressed as I was. She had a really hard time adjusting to hotel sleeping while we were there and was off her normal schedule. That made it so her and I got to appreciate the ‘streets’ of the mall and not much of the inside of the stores. However, I did spot a few items that I was coveting while I was keeping her happy with a rice cake, constantly moving stroller and passing by all the awesome window displays. {This is the part where Ky thanks her for not letting me buy up the entire Grove.}

So now, I have a window shopping wish list that I’ll have to fulfill via the not as fun and more typical Seattle area malls. Nothing like teaching your daughter the fine art of shopping {sorry Ky}!

AG + Liberty Daisy Cut Off Jeans ; Mila Skirt ; Athens Colorblock Jacket ; Colorblock Maxi ; Striped Lorens Pants ; Denim Biker Jacket ; Bleach Chambray Shirt Dress ; Pleated Floral Maxi Skirt


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