12 Things


|| I freaked out {like obsessively thought about it all day long} when I pained this wall green. Several times, I nearly grabbed the roller and drop cloth and painted it back to brown.

|| And now it’s grown on me and I kinda’ love that my house has a little personality.

|| Laundry is my nemesis. By the time I actually fold and put away the ‘last load’, it’s time to do it again.

|| Starting my day without coffee is just unheard of. I’m not sure if it’s unhealthy at this point or just an understanding that I still want people to hang around me that I let this continue.

|| I can’t hang things {pictures, paintings, etc} to save my life. I was allowed to hang one painting in the bathroom. Got it up. Turned around. It fell.

|| So now, I get to leave all the hanging to my husband who I’m sure is oh so grateful that his most recent project included a gallery wall.

|| Roller Coasters and rides that have a sudden drop freak me out but I love {love} all Disney theme parks.

|| I would like to think that I’m ‘green’ or a ‘hipster’ but my husband assures me that I’m not.

|| As is shown by my intense need to live within reasonable driving distance to a shopping center {preferably one that includes an Anthropologie and Nordstrom}

|| Watching a good Kardashians or other smut TV episode is always my first choice when Ky is out of town.

|| I complain about the weather in WA about 3/4 of the year.

|| But really, I don’t think we will ever move.

I would love to hear your quirks {mostly so I don’t feel alone in crazy land}. Leave them in the comments section below.

Enjoy! Melissa


2 thoughts on “12 Things

  1. I am all about reality TV and the Food Network channel when the hubby is gone…I think maybe someday I will cook like food network people! And who doesn’t love a lil smut in their lives!

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