5 Minute M || On The Ferry


This weekend we got to ride on what is possibly the most fun public transportation, the ferry! I grew up living on the peninsula in Washington State so the ferry was just a normal mode of transportation for me into the ‘big’ city of Seattle. It wasn’t until college when most of my friends were from ‘the other side of the water’ that I realized not everyone knew that public transportation could be cleanly and somewhat fun.

M has ridden the ferry before but she was so small she was in her little pack the entire time. So, I thought it was time we let her explore what is probably the biggest boat she’ll ever be on. We drove our car on and got out to walk around while we were on route. M thought it was just the bees knees. She flirted and waved at every single person that walked by, stared at the cars that were ‘moving’ but not actually driving anywhere {confusing to anyone I’m sure}, and ran around like she owned the place.

It’s so funny what a little baby {ah-em toddler} smile can do for the mood. She waddled up to some bikers all in leather with patches stating all sorts of things I don’t understand on their vests, and smiled and waved. Handle bar mustache and all, the nice men jumped right into baby talk full of goos and gaas with her. Hilarious.

Then, we took our little rice cake and loaded back into our car to drive off. M used all her energy running around this giant floating amusement park and she crashed as I drove off. Perfection!

Enjoy! Melissa



Note || Shorts, Chambray: Gap ; Shoes: Nordstrom



5 thoughts on “5 Minute M || On The Ferry

  1. In mod sigur Inerugsnt, pentru ca am auzit o gramada de lucruri bune despre serie si imi doresc de mult timp sa o citesc, dar nu am apucat inca. In plus, coperta mi se pare superba.

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