Bed Head No More


Lately, people see pictures of M and giggle at her ‘bed head.’ She’s not always just waking up folks. Been up for hours in fact. Her ‘bed head’ is just all the time head. I swear I brush her hair but it’s just fuzzy and uneven and cute as heck but slightly crazy {as is her personality so maybe it just suits her}.


So, I took her for a little trim a few days ago. She squirmed and moved around and the people at Dooz just went with the flow. They had all the tricks down;  a drawer of toys, funny faces in the mirror and just patiently waiting for a magical moment when she wasn’t checking out everything around her to snip.


And then the greatest thing happened…they gave her pigtails! People, I must be such a sap. I almost cried from the cuteness. Then, I immediately felt so sad that Ky was out of town, had no cell service and wouldn’t be able to see this for a few days. So, I did what any good parent would do. I sat her up in the play area of the mall and took about a million pictures of her while all the big kids ran around her at full speed.

Don’t worry about her though, she walked straight into a three year old, the girl fell over and just looked at her in shock that this had just happened. Obviously she wasn’t hurt so I just helped her up and apologized but she just kept staring at M like, ‘really, tiny pigtail girl just knocked me over.’ Maybe the pigtails are a good disguise for her. She’ll look all sweet and gentle but inside she’ll still be the fireball that she is. Yup’, we’re wearing pigtails more!

Enjoy! Melissa


9 thoughts on “Bed Head No More

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