Marina Walking


People keep asking me when M started walking and truly, I don’t know. It was so gradual. First one step for a few days, then two for a many more days, then we got to six and seven and now we are just flat out walking everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a few spills but for the most part, she gets where she wants to go on those two little feet of hers. And well, we thought, ‘lets live dangerously and test out this new skill at the marina.’

But really, we went to visit my parents this weekend and took a walk down the the marina near their house. M held hands with her grandpa {or Tutu as she calls him} and walked her little booty around this floating death trap and loved the heck out of it. And I learned that you can see right through this white skirt of mine. Why, in the years and years that I have owned this has nobody ever bothered to point this out to me? Thanks friends! Guess the marina residents got more then just a show of a cute baby walking around. oops!

Enjoy! Melissa







5 thoughts on “Marina Walking

  1. wish we would have known you guys were in town! would have loved to see y’all! looks like everyone is doing great! xoxo

    • Ahhh! When I called my parents from the ferry to make a plan (so I could call you and see when we could meet up), they told me they had a few showings of their house and we would be running around all day since we couldn’t stay at home (thus the marina walking) so I wasn’t sure where we would be/ what we would be doing all day. Please let me know if you are ever in Bellevue and I will make better plans the next time I’m over there. I WANT TO SEE YOU!

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