I’m Still Around


So, I’m still here. Promise! I have just been racking my brain on how to make this space more inviting, creative or just plain easier on the eyes. Every time I stop in to write, I’m fairly ‘underwhelmed’. So, I’m learing and spending a few hours a day staring at this screan making little headway.

And, since I’ve worked hard at proving to myself I have miles to go in learing anything about web design, I thought I would ask you what you would like to see. Is there anything in particular about the Pretty Wednesday page that you love, hate, would rather poke your eyes out with a hot poker then look at again? If so….let me know! I want to hear what you have to say!

And in the mean time, M and I are off for her first little hair trim to today. I’m hoping it’s just good bye mop top and not hello boy hair. We shall see. It’s sort of a roll of the dice! Update on that soon.

Oh and PS…Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend and hopefully I can make some improvements that you love soon. Plus, I’ll just be back posting on Monday. I miss you guys!

Enjoy! Melissa


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