Memorial Day Weekend


Happy Tuesday after Memorial Day Weekend! Isn’t there just something about a long weekend that makes Tuesday feel so refreshed and special? It’s like after all your running around, you actually got a moment to rest and breathe.

So, thank you Memorial Day Weekend for a little time to spend with my family, just spending!

We did our share of running around. We ran a 5K together, quickly made an Ikea stop, sold my little car and updated to a mom vehicle, ate some yummy food truck goodness, attended one of M’s best little friends birthday parties, ran errands and watched 3 whole movies. I would say that’s a total success for a stay-cation. More on some of this later but for now, I’m still basking in the moments we got to play together.

And, check out this saucer swing. Amazing, right? M didn’t know what hit her with this crazy contraption and, I couldn’t let her have all the fun so I jumped on too.

Enjoy! Melissa






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