Flowers, Carts and Packs || Pikes Place


Ms M and I ventured out to Pikes Place Market for some flowers a few days ago. It was a mix of an amazing adventure and a poor decision on my part. Every time we head to a crowded location I debate which carrying system will be the best for M. Pack or stroller. {Riveting, huh?} This time, I went with stroller thinking that my hands would end up too full of M supplies and market goods if she was in the pack. And really, it was probably the worst/ best decision.


I was able to hide my amazing Beechers Mac & Cheese and two giant bouquets of flowers in the stroller and still somehow maneuver it through the crowd with only a little staring at my craziness.

However, M was also able to grab the handle of the stroller and throw the stroller to the ground sending puddles of water and flower bits all over the floor of the nice little coffee shop we were in. {Nice, right?} So, I immediately scrambled to pack up all of our goods and head back up to the car. Flowers, mac & cheese and giant diaper bag were left behind and back to the market we went with M in her Bjorn. {I’m hearing that Young Gunz song, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop…” in my head right now. What? I just referenced Young Gunz while blabbing about a Baby Bjorn….I know. I know.}


So, I guess I did the market twice that day! And both times, it was amazingly stimulating. We saw hordes of tourists lined up and taking photos outside the original Starbucks, fish flying through the air, abundant flowers, fresh veggies lining the market edges and we took home some colorful french macarons. Yumm!



I’m pretty sure my girl had something similar to the time of her life. So much color and excitement to keep her little eyes on and it was fun to show her the beauty of Seattle in one hurried trip. I can’t wait for her to be old enough to walk through and help me pick out fresh dinner supplies and blooms for our house. Wait, never mind, I’m going to leave her one forever and have harried debates over pack or stroller. It’s worth it!

Enjoy! Melissa

3 thoughts on “Flowers, Carts and Packs || Pikes Place

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