Behind the Scenes || The Tale of A Bird

This Guy

This guy almost gave me a heart attack at the ripe old age of 28 and well, I just can’t help but tell you about it.

The dramatic tale goes as follows; As usual, M and I casually strolled into the garage getting ready to load up and head out of the house for a few hours. For some reason, I had left the windows down in my car so I tossed my bag through the passenger side window and BOOM….something came dive bombing back at me heading straight toward my face. I screamed like a little girl and ducked in my dark garage. I couldn’t figure it out. Was my car upset and spitting my goods back out at me? Was there a bat in my car for some reason?

When I finally got the lights flipped on, I could see this little guy sitting on a shelf, all puffed up and upset that I had disturbed him and evicted him from his new car home. So, I kindly opened the garage door and requested that he leave.

The little bastard {excuse my language} wouldn’t get out. I grabbed the only lengthy item near me, a flag, and started to gently shoo him. Nothing. He just stayed put and puffed and looked at me like the crazy lady that I was waiving my flag around with a baby in my arms, now late for where I was going. All he did was relocate to a different section of the garage.

So, after almost 30 min of jumping up and down, M laughing at me and the bird taunting me and my flag, I left him. I continued on my day while he turned my garage into a bird sanctuary.

Damn thing! Of all the pets I would take in, a bird is just not one of them. Haven’t you seen these things poop aimlessly? No thanks!

Anyway, long story {still long} made shorter, I eventually got him out hours and hours later in the evening. And it took so much coaxing. What was his deal? He just wanted to be a bird squatter? Is it possible to be a homeless bird? Ugh!

So, that was your random story for Tuesday morning.

Enjoy! Melissa

Note || I’m writing as I watch the devastation in Oklahoma on the news. I am not ignoring it. I feel the pain and see the tragedy. I just know that I don’t have powerful enough words to help those people in any way. However, what I do hope is to uplift with my stupid story. That I can do.

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