M’s Very First Birthday


I have been trying for days to write about M’s first birthday. Days. It’s just not happening. And now, now it’s way later then intended on staying up, on this night that I told myself I need to get to sleep early, because the words are still not coming. But, it’s just finally hit me and  I have finally figured out why every time I sit down with my fingers on the keyboard, I write and erase paragraph after paragraph…….There are no words. None!

No words substantial enough to describe how I feel about M officially leaving her baby days behind her and moving on to the big bad toddler world. I am so proud that we all made it through her first year with {most days} smiles on our faces, so sad to leave my squishy baby as a thing of the past, so excited about all the big girl things that are on the horizon and still so amazed that I’m a mama, Ky is a dada and M is our little girl.

So, I just have no words that will live up to such a milestone and I’m going to stop trying to find them. For now, I’m just going to enjoy that we celebrated in the best way we knew how, surrounded by friends and family and that M loved every single minute.

Welcome to the world of ‘one’ my beautiful girl! Here goes nothing….

Enjoy! Melissa







Note|| Cake Plates: Vintage | Cupcakes & Cake: Made by my amazing friend Kristen | Wooden Forks: Sucre Shop  | Large Fringe: DIY with Instructions from Oh Happy Day | 12 Months of M Pictures: DIY hung with Washi Tape | Triangle Bunting: DIY || Please let me know if you need more information on any of these projects in the comments section.


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